Over 100 adults and children fish the 5th Annual Andrew Claymon Memorial Fishing Tournament
The 5th Annual Andrew Claymon Memorial Fishing tournament was held at Merritt Reservoir on Saturday, June 13th with 49 teams and 115 youth and adult participants, competing for prizes in 3 divisions.  The tournament is in memory of 16 year old Andrew Claymon who died of cancer on July 5, 2010.  Results are as follows:
Division - 1 adult/1 child 10 years and younger:
1st place: Parker and Eric Wackler; total weight of 8.58 lbs.
2nd place: Leah Wiechelman and Eric Noteboom; total weight of 5.49 lbs.
3rd place: Davis and Tod Davenport; total weight of 5.41 lbs.
Division - 1 adult/1 child 11 – 17 years old:
1st place:  Deena Stang and David Henke; total weight of 15.41 lbs.
2nd place: Austin and Heath Denisse; total weight of 8.89 lbs.
3rd place:  Grant and Ben Pavelka; total weight of 8.71 lbs.
Division - 1 adult/2 children 17 years and younger:
1st place: Brayden, Clayton and Matt Sharp; total weight of 17.64 lbs.
2nd place: Courtney Hodgson, James and Troy Brown; total weight of 14.11 lbs.
Tie 3rd place: Ayden, Dylan and Adam Naslund; total weight of 12.04 lbs.
Tie 3rd place: Haley McNaught, Nash and Doug Hesse; total weight of 12.04 lbs.
Heaviest walleye:  Brayden, Clayton and Matt Sharp; 6.26 lbs.
Heaviest northern pike:  Deena Stang and David Henke; 15.41 lbs.
Heaviest largemouth bass:  Grant and Ben Pavelka; 4.65 lbs.
Overall heaviest fish:  Deena Stang and David Henke; northern pike 15.41 lbs.
Trophies, medals, fishing/camping/outdoor merchandise, cash and Cabela’s gift cards were presented to the Top 3 in each division.  Additionally, each youth participant received a medal and a prize.  Numerous random drawings were held from all entered teams and included:  two free NE Game & Parks youth lifetime hunt/fish combo permits, fishing with University of Nebraska-Lincoln Husker Bass Angler team members, an assortment of fishing tackle from Nebraska Fish and Tackle, and two $50 gift certificates to Merritt Trading Post Resort.
Tentative date for the 6th Annual Andrew Claymon memorial fishing tournament is Saturday, June 11, 2016 pending approval from NE Game & Parks in December 2015.  Visit
www.andrewclaymonfishing.com for additional pictures of this year’s tournament and contact information for future tournaments.